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Bail for Embezzlement Charges in Texas

What Is an Embezzlement Charge in Texas?

Embezzlement is a crime that may not be immediately familiar. This is partly because it takes the coming together of many moving parts for someone to be formally charged with embezzlement. The simplest way to explain embezzlement is to first say it falls under property theft. It goes like this: if you entrust someone with either money or your property and that person takes that money or property—either in part or the whole—then that person has committed the crime of embezzlement.

What Is the Penalty for Embezzlement in Texas?

In Texas, the penalty for embezzlement can vary depending on the severity of your crime. It can either be classified as a misdemeanor or felony; however, this is reliant on the value of the property or money you were caught with. Punishment can range from a $1,500 charge and up to one year for a misdemeanor charge, to over $200,000 charge and up to 99 years in a state prison for a first-degree felony.

If you’re found guilty and convicted of embezzlement, you may also be required to pay restitution. This means that whatever money or property you were caught embezzling will need to be returned to the owner. If you’re sentenced to prison, you’ll likely be subject to probation after you’ve served your time—your probation term will remain until you’re able to pay off your debts to the owner. Other penalties can include community service. The punishment for embezzlement can be increased in certain cases. For example if you’re a public servant and used your position to embezzle funds or property or the victim is elderly or disabled, repercussions can be more severe.

Bail for Felony Embezzlement in Texas

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