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PCS Bail Bonds, Tarrant County’s Premier Bail Bond Service, Comments on Texas Anti-Abortion Law Trial


    Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB), August 15, 2014 – PCS Bail Bonds, Fort Worth, Texas’ most trusted bail bond service, is releasing its expert opinion on a potential statewide anti-abortion regulation that, if implemented, would leave only eight clinics in Texas where females can legally have abortions.

    The anti-abortion law, which passed through the legislature a year ago, stated that all abortion clinics must meet the same standards of ambulatory surgical centers. If this law is upheld, abortion providers say as many as 18 clinics where women can legally get abortions would be shut down, leaving only eight throughout the entire state. (Source: “Texas Abortion Clinics Try to Stop New Law,” CBS DFW web site, August 4, 2014;

    “This is one of the most sensitive topics not just in Texas, but across the entire U.S.,” says Paul Schuder, owner of PCS Bail Bonds. “Emotions on this subject are high and a lot of people will be affected, regardless of which way this hearing goes.”

    This controversial law would take effect beginning September 1, 2014. The appeal hearing, led by the Abortion providers of Texas, has been ongoing since the beginning of the week of August 11 in front of District Court Judge Lee Yeakel.

    “It’s a decision that’s now in the hands of the courts,” Schuder continues. “Everyone has to trust that the judicial system will be fair and make a judgment based on facts and logic.”

    Schuder observes that women close to the Texas/Mexico border would be most affected if the law isn’t reversed, as the closest abortion clinic that adheres to the new proposed standards would be eight hours away.

    “It is not a crime in Fort Worth to have an abortion,” he concludes. “To find out more about the potential impact of the new anti-abortion law, contact the nearest clinic for details.”

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    Author: Paul Schuder

    Paul Schuder is the owner of PCS Bail Bonds and Profession Court Services (PCS). He is a lifelong resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Paul has over twenty years of courthouse experience, and has been in businesses involving the criminal justice system for his entire career. Paul has helped thousands of clients with their pursuit of justice and fair play. Mr. Schuder maintains high levels of respect with all the court house personnel, especially judges and attorneys. Using a close hands-on personal approach and a keen understanding of all cultures, helps people when they need it most. Add me to your G+

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