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The Bail Process Explained

You’ve doubtlessly seen many television shows and movies showing a judge setting bail, but they never show what happens afterwards.

Now, imagine you’ve found yourself charged with a crime and you’re looking to apply for bail so you can stay at home until your next court appearance. Unless you’ve been charged with a serious crime or the judge has refused to set bail, you should be able to apply. In fact, the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution requires that an individual charged with a crime must “be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation\” and be able to apply for bail if the offense they have been charged with is one for which they can.

At PCS Bail Bonds, the leading provider of cheap bail bonds in Forth Worth, Texas, we provide our clients with an easy way to apply for bail to help them get out of jail and back home quickly. Since a trial may not start for weeks or even months after the initial arrest, getting home so you can return to work is important, since you don’t want to suffer any financial hardship.

After you’ve been arrested, taken to the police station, and booked, if the crime you’ve been charged with isn’t a serious one, you may be allowed to post bail immediately; if not, you may spend up to 48 hours in a jail. At your court appearance, the judge will set bail according to the severity of the crime.

If you can’t afford to bail yourself out or you don’t have family member who can, you may need to turn to a bail bondsman, such as PCS Bail Bonds. With over 25 years of experience and having assisted over 20,000 clients, we have an extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, so if you need to have the charges explained to you, we will gladly do so. Most importantly, we will be there for you after you have been released. PCS Bail Bonds is also open 24/7.

When seeking bail bonds, be sure to deal with only licensed agents. Do not hesitate to ask to see their license and all the necessary documentation—at PCS Bail Bonds, we have no problem showing these items. And whether you choose to hire PCS as your bail bondsman or another bail bonds provider, always make sure that they charge legal rates.

We will provide you with receipts and copies of every document you sign. From there, we will ensure that the defendant appears for subsequent court appearances and their trial; if a bail bondsman client does not appear, they face penalties.

Whether it’s you or a family member, facing criminal charges is a trying experience. When you seek bail with PCS Bail Bonds, we will work with you to make this time a bit easier.


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