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The Consequences of a DWI

\"TheDriving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense in the state of Texas and is a crime punishable by jail time along with other conditions. DWIs are one of those crimes that can cause significant damage beyond just a simple charge. Others lives are at stake, your own life is at stake, and your career and your family life are threatened because you made a poor and avoidable decision.

Describing DWIs

A DWI can be classified as being any person operating a motor vehicle while they are under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance that alters his or her state of mind. The legal limit of alcohol for which a person must be under in order to be considered sober is 0.08. Anything above that amount is considered legally impaired and a person can be charged accordingly. It should also be noted that the vehicle does not have to be in motion for a DWI charge to be laid. The opportunity to operate the vehicle, meaning physically sitting impaired in the vehicle, is enough to sustain a charge.

What Happens When Charged with a DWI?

As previously mentioned, the State of Texas takes DWI infractions very seriously. Not only will a DWI charge remain on your criminal record, it also impacts your car insurance costs and jeopardizes your privilege of operating a vehicle in the immediate future.

If it is your first DWI offense within the Tarrant County borders, you are facing a possible suspension of your driver’s license, fines that can be significant, and anywhere from up to 180 days behind bars. You will also be expected to deal with court costs, and be accountable for paying any and all DWI classes or educational programs stipulated by the courts. If at the time of your DWI your blood alcohol level was passed 0.15, the judge has no choice but to issue an ignition interlock device for a period of time covering your probation or community service.

There are some slight differences for minors caught driving while intoxicated in the Tarrant County area. He or she will face a fine up to $500.00, but there is no jail time associated with the charge. The driver’s license can still be suspended and the minor can still be required to attend certain educational courses at his or her expense.

\"TheMore Than One Offense

Texas law is not kind to repeat DWI offenders. All of the same provisions that are associated with first-time offenders are extended or heightened. The fines are higher, possible jail time is longer, and the ignition interlock device becomes mandatory. A license is automatically suspended, and the DWI classes and educational courses must still be completed at the expense of the offender.

The simple fact is that all of this can be avoided if you make the responsible decision not to get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you have any drink in your system. Alcohol impacts each person differently, and trying to gauge whether or not you are OK to drive can lead to some dangerous assumptions. PCS Bail Bonds has seen how a single act of impaired driving can destroy so many lives. We encourage everyone to make the right choice and think about whether your life or the life of others is worth a few drinks. For more information about PCS Bail Bonds, visit our website.