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The Good Side of Fort Worth Police

Lately, Americans have begun to question whether its officers have other intentions besides what is best for the citizens they are sworn to protect. The image of a Fort Worth officer handcuffing a teenage girl on the grass of a pool party is the most recent example of the difficulties between police and residents of a community. And while there have been other instances in which policing has been questioned, we must first remember all the good Fort Worth police do for their residents and the steps they have taken to improve these relationships.

Keeping the Streets as Safe as Possible


It’s the job of police officers to keep the community they are assigned to safe. This is no doubt a difficult task and very much a thankless one. Officers risk their lives every time they step into their patrol vehicles or onto the streets. They do so with the notion that they may not ever make it back home. The reality is; officers are risking their lives to protect the community they are serving. They decide, based on training, on the best way to handle each situation. And the large majority of times, they are correct in their assessment.

With the rate of violent crime above both the Texas and National median, the amount of encounters police engage in with criminals is high. There are over 4,000 instances of violent crimes a year in Fort Worth; including murder, rape, robbery, and assault. For the most part, police officers handle all of these interactions as they are supposed to; by the laws they are sworn to follow.

Police/Community Connection


Much progress has been made over the last year between Fort Worth police and the residents of this community. With private funding from the Presbyterian Night Shelter and government funding from the city’s Crime Control and Prevention District, Fort Worth residents are seeing some of the practical benefits these unions are having on their community.

Things like Lancaster Avenue once again becoming a walkable street is a marked shift from the drugs and homeless individuals that lined it before. The homeless have been provided with different options for survival, including police officers passing out information on the vacancy of each shelter.

Increased patrol is made possible in part by the funding from the sources mentioned previously. Opening the dialogue between police and residents should also contribute to the lessening of crime. PCS Bail Bonds has been part of the Fort Worth community for over 25 years. We’ve worked closely with the police and other judicial bodies during the course of those years, thus we understand the absolute need for police officers and the community to be on the same page. It will probably take some time and definitely a lot of effort, but if the payoff means making Fort Worth that much safer, it’s worth it.