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Things to Know about Trespassing Bonds and Bail in Tarrant County, Texas

\"TrespassingWhat Is Trespassing in Tarrant County?

Trespassing is a more serious offense than you may have thought it was. The State of Texas defines trespassing as walking on to someone’s private property without permission. In Texas, trespassing laws are taken seriously because Texans tend to live on larger areas of land. Keeping strict limitations on criminal trespassing in Texas reduces the amount of incidents across the state.

The law for trespassing in Texas divides trespassing into four classes to represent the four types of trespassing that can occur. The first three classes are Class A, Class B, and Class C misdemeanors. The most serious of the charges is called felony trespassing.

Class C Trespassing

Beginning with the lesser of the charges, a Class C felony suggests there is no intent to harm. Typically, these charges are given to hunters.

Class B Trespassing

Class B is more serious and involves an individual knowingly occupying a residence or shelter without permission or authorization.

Class A Trespassing

If the individual caught trespassing is found to have a deadly weapon, then it becomes a Class A trespassing charge.

Felony Trespassing

In order for criminal trespassing charges to reach the felony level, the individual must have full intent to commit another crime when trespassing on the property.

Penalties for Trespassing Charges in Texas

The penalty for trespassing in Texas depends on the class of trespassing for which that person is being charged. Class C offenses are punished with a relatively small fine of $500.00. For Class B trespassing, offenders can actually be jailed for 180 days and pay a fine of $2,000.

Class A misdemeanors can mean up to one year in jail and fines of up to $4,000. The punishment for felony misdemeanor depends on what other charges are attached. For instance, if an offender enters a home with a deadly weapon and the intent to steal, then all of those offenses will make up the charge and determine the penalty.

Get Bail for Trespassing in Tarrant County, Texas

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