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Things to Know about Surety Bonds in Arlington, TX

\"SuretyWhen someone has been arrested by the police, it does not automatically mean that they will spend time in jail. Before the final verdict has been decided, a defendant can receive temporary freedom while the trial is taking place by posting bail. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money immediately available to get out of jail. In this case, a surety jail bail bond in Arlington can be sought out. If you’re wondering how to get a surety bond in Arlington, Texas for someone you care about, here’s what you need to know.

How Do Surety Bail Bonds Work in Texas?

Surety bonds are when a defendant or a friend or family member pays a nonrefundable percentage of the total bail amount to a bondsman upfront to get out of jail during their trial period. If the defendant shows up to their court date and follows the conditions of their bail they will be no more exchange of funds. Surety bonds must be purchased through a bail bond company and the amounts depend on several factors. These factors include the severity of the crime, whether or not the defendant is a repeat offender, and Texas state laws. Within these parameters, judges can exercise some discretion in setting bail amounts and deciding whether bail should be given or not.

Risks Involved in Surety Bail Bonds

Posting bail on behalf of someone else can be uneasy and stressful. If they skip town or miss their court date, you could lose a lot, and the court could come after you for the bail amount. Putting up the full cash amount for bail may not be your best option in a case like this, so to protect your interests you should call a bail bondsman for a surety bond.

Advantages of Surety Bail Bonds Services

1. Save Money

In the event of an arrest, getting out of jail during the trial period may be the defendant’s primary goal. However, if the defendant does not have the funds on hand, cannot borrow from family and friends, and cannot find another way to access enough money for the entire bail amount, they can pay a smaller amount to the bondsman instead of paying the full amount to the court.

2. Locating Friends or Family in Jail

Surety bail bonds services can also help people who are trying to help their friends or family members in jail. After someone you know has been arrested, they may want to contact their relatives or friends to get help. By calling a bail bond company, an agent can find out all the information you need to find out if a surety bond is allowed for the defendant. You can find out where they are being held and what their bail bond amount is. This is a safer and more efficient way to find out information about the arrest than calling local jails.

3. Safety and Security

A surety bail bond can help a defendant be released from jail, which gives them a sense of safety and security. Jail can be a scary and dangerous place and being released on bail is a huge benefit, especially for certain reasons for arrest.

Surety Bail Bonds in Arlington, Texas

If someone you care about has been arrested and needs bail to get out of jail, PCS Bail Bonds can help you. We have been offering surety bail bond services through Forth Worth and Tarrant County for over 25 years to help defendants and their families get through these challenging situations. We provide a variety of bond options to help our clients manage the amounts set by the courts. We understand how emotional and frustrating this situation can be, and how difficult it is to make decisions. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to helping families through our understanding of the court process and our experience as bail bondsmen in Arlington, TX. For cheap bail bonds in Arlington, TX with 10% lower bond fees, contact us at PCSDFW@aol.com, or call us toll free at (888) 335-1655.

Surety Bonds FAQ

How long before my friend or relative can get bonded?

The length of time from the application of a bond to issuance depends on the bond type, promptness of payment, and more. Most bonds are instantly approved once the application is complete, and are typically issued two days after payment.

Why should I choose a surety bond?

A surety bond ensures that the defendant will honor their contract with the bail bondsman to make their court date and abide by their conditions. There are penalties if these requirements are broken. Surety bonds protect those who buy them, and they do not require collateral. The interest earned on surety bonds usually outweighs what is paid upfront for the bond premiums.

Can I renew my surety bond?

You can renew your surety bond; however, payments are usually invoiced and due months before the original bond expires. It is best to double check the terms of your bond agreement to find out its expiry date. Pay your renewal amount before the due date to avoid it being cancellated.

Does my credit score affect my surety bond cost?

Bail bondsmen will carefully examine your application before issuing the bond, and during this time they may also look at your work history, credit score, and other financial documents to find out how reliable you are. If you have a good credit score, you will likely pay a lower fee than if you have a bad one. That being said, it may not disqualify you from getting a bond.

Do I have to pay the full bond amount?

Generally, you will only need to pay a percentage of the surety bond amount. This amount varies depending on certain factors, but is largely based on your financial stability and strength.

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