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Things You Need to Know about Warrants in Tarrant County, Texas

\"WarrantsIt’s highly likely that you’ve heard the term “warrant.” But do you really know what a warrant entails and how warrants in Tarrant county work? It’s really important you know how they work and what it could mean for you.

At it’s core, a warrant in an integral part of the U.S. criminal justice system. A warrant is a legal document that enables authorities to perform a certain act. It essentially is a document that gives authorities the right to search property or find someone and take them into custody until they see a judge.

Type of Warrants

There are two types of warrants in Tarrant County, Texas: an arrest warrant and a search warrant.

Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant in Tarrant County is a document that’s issued by a judge, and as the name indicates, it’s a warrant that lets police and authorities arrest a person of interest and take them into custody. Keep in mind that there should be a probable cause for an arrest on this warrant.

How does this warrant get initiated? A police office submits an affidavit before the judge and then the arrest warrant is issued.

Why could an arrest warrant in Tarrant County be issued? One reason an arrest warrant could be issued is if an individual failed to appear in court. An arrest warrant in Tarrant county could also be issued due to probable cause—authorities have enough proof to believe that you may be guilty of a crime.

Search Warrant

A search warrant in Tarrant county gives the police and authorities the right to search your property and belongings. This type of warrant is different than an arrest warrant, but there’s still a possibility that an arrest can be made.

How does a search warrant work? Through this document, the police can search and seize your belongings and can later use the property against you in court. A point that must be noted here is that your home can’t be searched without a search warrant document. If this happens, this is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Also, there should be a reasonable suspicion that you committed a crime before a search warrant can be issued.

There are three types of search warrants:

  • DNA Warrants:This allows authorities to take DNA samples from you through a swab of saliva or mucus. If a search warrant is issued for your house, police officers can’t take a DNA sample. Authorities need a separate warrant for DNA and for a home search.
  • Administrative Warrants:This kind of search warrant is issued in case of violation of civil code.
  • Judicial Warrants:These search warrants could also be called “criminal warrants.” For this warrant to be issued, there needs to be a probable cause before a judge can issue it.

Tarrant County Arrest Warrants Search

In the Tarrant County, arrest warrants and search warrants are handled by the Tarrant County Sheriff\’s Department. Under the Sheriffs department, the Tarrant County Warrant Division takes care of arrests and resolution of warrants. If you think there might be a warrant out for your arrest, this is the place that could tell.

To search for warrants in Tarrant County, you could simply call the warrant division at 817-884-1289 or go in person to 200 Taylor St, 6th floor, Fort Worth, Texas 76102. However, keep in mind that if there’s a warrant in your name and you show up to the warrant division in person, there’s a chance you could be arrested.

Think you might have a warrant out for your arrest in Tarrant County? The first step you need to take is hire a criminal lawyer to take care of all the necessary processes. They can help you resolve any issues you might have and offer you some advice on your situation. You should also, look into hiring a bail bonds expert, who can help get you out of jail.

Finding Inmates in Tarrant County

What do you do if someone you know is arrested after a warrant was issued for them in Tarrant County?

The official Tarrant County sheriff\’s website could be a great place to search and locate inmates and find arrest records in the Tarrant County. This database is extensive. If an inmate is in the database, you could view photos of arrestees, name, gender, and other information like race, and age. This database will also tell you why the person was arrested, the location of the arrest, and the law agency that apprehended them. Keep in mind that this is an extremely focused search in Tarrant County.

Beyond Tarrant County, one could look into the Texas Department of Public Safety\’s website. Through this website, you can get statewide results of inmates, not just for Tarrant County. Why bother looking at the Texas Department of Public Safety\’s website? If you are not sure where the incident took place, it could be a great resource. This is a free service, but you need to setup an account on the site (ID and password).

Another place to search for inmates could be the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s website. To search for an inmate, you will need to provide the last name and first initial of the first name of the offender, the TDCJ number, or the SID number for that person. Note that the system will only provide results for those currently imprisoned at Texas prisons.

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