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This Is How You Can Protect Yourself from Getting Arrested During the Holidays

\"ProtectThe holidays are a time for people to get a break from their normal routines of work or school and spend time with their family and friends. With so many events and parties happening at this time of year, it’s important to stay out of trouble to avoid getting arrested. Police officers are on high alert during this busy time of year, knowing that people are more likely to commit crimes like theft, breaking and entering, domestic violence, driving under the influence or while intoxicated, and breaking other driving laws. Here are some ways you can avoid getting arrested during the holidays and what to do if you have been arrested.

Follow DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Rules

The simplest way to avoid DUI charges is to avoid drinking if you plan to drive or find a designated driver or cab. This keeps you away from getting arrested and protects every other driver, cyclist, and pedestrian on the street. State DUI laws vary, but all have a legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit that you must abide by. Even if you are driving under the limit, you can still be arrested in some states. That is why it is always best to drive sober. If you must consume alcohol, ensure you are eating while drinking, and limit yourself to one drink per hour. You can calculate your BAC based on your weight online to give yourself an idea of what your limits are. You can also stop drinking an hour before driving to keep your BAC levels under the legal limit.

Make Sure Your Licence Is Not Suspended

Seeing red and blue flashing lights behind you as you pull over can be a frightening and unexpected experience, especially if your licence has been suspended. This usually means you have already had an encounter with the law and are about to have another one. Whether your licence was suspended because of a DUI or DWI, a traffic violation or ticket, a failure to pay child support, or driving without insurance, the suspension is effective immediately. Be sure you never get behind a vehicle while your licence is suspended and have a friend or family member drive you home or take a cab if you are out celebrating during the holidays.

Save Yourself from Getting a Traffic Ticket

One of the most disputed charges is a traffic ticket, but it is also a very aggravating experience. Although these offences are generally smaller than others, they still may cost you money or demerit points. Avoiding a traffic ticket is easy if you follow the laws and drive carefully. Ensure your licence is valid, do not drive under the influence, and follow the speeding limits and traffic signs.

Don’t Use Cellphones while Driving

Distracted driving laws are a new development in the state of Texas, beginning September 2017. Statistics revealed a high rate of accidents caused by people eating, grooming, drinking, and using their GPS navigation and cellphones while driving. Due to this, penalties are becoming higher and officers are getting stricter about penalizing drivers who commit this offense. The law in Texas forbids reading, writing, and sending text messages using a wireless communication device. It also forbids the actions mentioned above. When driving around the holidays, set up your GPS device before taking off instead of operating it while driving. You should also mute your phone or put it in the glove compartment or your bag while driving to remove the temptation. If you need to make a call or take a call, find somewhere safe to stop driving and take a break, or return their call when you arrive at your destination.

Don’t Smoke Marijuana in Public

The holidays may be a time for you to let off some steam and smoke, especially since personal possession has been decriminalized. However, it is still illegal to smoke in public. With office parties and hangouts with friends, it can be tempting to smoke outside the bar or restaurant, but officers are on high alert this time of year to bust anyone who breaks the law. Avoid smoking in any public place to prevent the risk of being arrested during the holidays.

Be Polite and Cooperative to Police

It is important to remember that police officers are simply doing their job when they arrest you for braking the law. You must follow their instructions and be cooperative and polite during the process. It will help you avoid arrest for defying their orders and will help them understand the situation and explain to you why you have been pulled over. Being rude and defiant will never help your case.

Contact PCS Bail Bonds to Get Bail for a Holiday Arrest

The holidays are a tempting time of year to commit crimes with the stress of money and with alcohol easily available from parties and gatherings. If you’ve been arrested for committing any of the crimes mentioned above or something else, you may get a ticket, need to pay a fine, or end up in jail. If you’ve been arrested, contacting a bail bondsman as quickly as possible is your best solution to get out of jail and hopefully have your penalty reduced or dismissed completely. Not every bail bondsman has the experience or dedication to resolve your case effectively and quickly, so making the right decision for this step is imperative.

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