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types of bail bondsWhen taken to jail for a crime you’ve been accused of, you may leave jail while you await trial if you’re able to make bail. In addition to making bail, the accused also needs a bail bond. This is basically a document from the court that states the accused may leave jail for now but must be back on a certain date. There are different types of bail bonds available depending on your needs.

Types of Bail Bonds in Texas

Surety Bonds

Surety bail bonds are one of the most common types of bail bonds in Texas. This is when someone other than accused accepts liability for ensuring that the accused will return to court on the specified date. Most often, the person that accepts the liability is a bail bondsman, like the ones from PCS Bail Bonds. In this case, you`ll have to pay the bail bondsmen a fee, which is generally only 10% of your bail amount. The bail bondsmen will then use their own property to pay for the full amount of the bond; however, the bail bond company will have financial interest in the accused returning to court, so it’s important for them to show up for their court date.

Property Bonds

Property bonds in Texas are another type of bail for defendants. If the accused or the person bailing them out of jail doesn’t have the amount of cash needed to pay bail amount in full, a property bond could be a good option. This will allow them use the equity in their homes as collateral for the bail. However, property bonds are less common, mainly because it takes courts a longer period of time to secure any lien they put on a property than it would for them to secure a cash bond. As a result, one of the main stipulations of a property bond is that the property must be valued at 150% of the total bail amount. Since bail amounts are dependent on a number of factors, such as the severity of crime, whether the accused is a flight risk, and the judge’s discretion, there’s no way to know if your property will be eligible for a property bond until the court gives you your specific bail amount.

Personal Recognizance Bond

Personal recognizance (PR) bonds in Texas aren’t the norm, but are allowed in certain cases. Also known as an own recognizance bond, Texas authorities may allow a defendant to be released on bail without any deposit or collateral when they pay their bail with a PR bond. In order for a judge to release you on your own recognizance in Texas, they must consider your criminal history, background check, and risk assessments, and then use their own discretion to determine how reliable you are. Usually granted for non-violent misdemeanours, PR bonds leave the responsibility of showing up for court wholly on the shoulders of the defendant.

Bail Bonds in Texas

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