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What Are the Factors That Determine the Cost of Bail?

There are many factors in determining bail, and if you have been convicted of a crime, this is something you should be aware of. Since the number is not the same for every case, judges must come up with a cost that is appropriate based on certain factors. If you’re wondering how bail amounts are determined, keep on reading.

Factors in Determining the Amount of Bail


\"factorsDepending on the amount of evidence presented against an offender, the judge will consider if they are guilty or not. The judge will also consider the odds of them being sentenced based on the evidence. If it turns out that the defendant is guilty, the cost of a bail bond will be higher to discourage the offender from trying to run.

Criminal History

Determining the bail amount by crime is something a judge may consider during a bail bond hearing. If the offender has committed crimes in the past, the cost of bail will be higher to protect the community from the offender in the event of a repeat offense.

Flight Risk

A flight risk is an offender who is guilty and knows their chances of being given a harsh sentence is high, so they are likely to skip their trial. Flight risks also include people who have a passport, family in another country, or a track record of skipping bail in the past.

Public Safety

Another reason for high bail prices for crimes is public safety. If the offender has a history of violent behavior or has committed crimes in the past, they will be considered a risk to the community and bail will cost more.

Severity of Offense

The severity of the offender’s crime is another factor that determines the average bail amount. Heavy bail amounts typically apply to offenders who have common misdemeanors like DUIs, driving with a suspended license, and public intoxication. Even higher amounts apply to offenders who have committed crimes like murder, kidnapping, and assault. These offenders are considered to be dangerous to the public.

Current Criminal Status

The current criminal status of an offender is another major factor in setting bail. If the offender is already on probation, released from a previous crime, or on parole the cost of bail can be higher.

Defendant’s Source of Finances

If the offender’s income stems from previous criminal activity, the cost of bail will be higher. For example, if the offender was arrested for drug trafficking or selling, their income would have likely come from that role. In these cases, the judge will adjust bail accordingly to make sure the offender appears in court as they should.

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