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What Happens if the Defendant Gets Rearrested while Out on Bond?


Almost everyday, people get arrested. With most arrests, however, you have the option to post bail. Understanding how bail bonds work and how a bail bondsman can help you is very important in situations like these. If someone is arrested while out on bail, however, the circumstances are handled much differently. Here\’s what you need to know about getting re-arrested while out on bail.

Arrested While Out on Bail

It is a serious matter to get arrested again while out on bail. There can be serious implications on the defendant’s previous case and the new case of which they were arrested for.

Here\’s how the bail bond process works. First, a bail bonds company and a co-signer will arrange and post bail. The co-signer is the person who will sign on behalf of the offender. Both parties have the responsibility of making sure that the defendant appears in court when they need to and is well behaved while on bail. The number of times the defendant will appear in court depends on the type of crime that they were charged with.

Due to the new arrest, the court can decide to do any of the following:

  • Revoke your bail agreement
  • Take you into custody and refuse bail, depending on how serious the charges are
  • Increase your bail amount

If your bail is revoked or increased, any money you’ve already paid to your bail bondsman is gone forever.

Each Bond Is Treated as a Separate Bond

Another important thing to keep in mind is that each bond is treated as its own, however, your bondsman is unlikely to know that you\’ve been arrested again. There is no system that notifies the bail bondsman about a second arrest. The only way your bail bondsman will know that you\’ve been arrested again is if you call them for a separate bond. Getting a bond for a second charge will require the same process as the first—you will need you go through every step again to provide the bonding fee to get released. Your first bond will have no effect on the second bond, however, there are consequences of a second arrest.

The Consequences of a Second Arrest

Even though the defendant is re-arrested while out on bail, they are still required to show up to their initial court date. The defendant will consequently need to contact the bail bondsman and the court office as soon as possible to explain the situation and reschedule their court date. Failure to show up to court will forfeit the bond, even if you are in jail when you should be showing up. It is your responsibility to notify the court system if you cannot make your trial date.

You should call your bondsman if you are arrested a second time while out on bail. They will help you go through the process of being bailed out again, and let you know whether your second arrest will impact your initial court date. If you are unable to obtain a second bond, you will need to consult with your bondsman to find a way to get you to court. If your bondsman is unaware about your second arrest, you will forfeit your bond and have a warrant out for your arrest. This could lead to a third arrest following the first two.

Other Complications to Consider

There are two serious implications if you have been arrested for a second time while out on bail:

  • Settlement Negotiations: When your lawyer has to deal with two arrests for you, you can guarantee that any settlements that were agreed upon the first time are now severely compromised. In fact, it may dissolve any settlement negotiations your lawyer made with the prosecutor. The prosecutor may restart settlement negotiations all over or end the plea bargain negotiations completely, pursuing charges instead.
  • Crime Bail Crime: Another consequence to consider is crime bail crime. If you were previously arrested for a felony, and are re-arrested for a new felony, you will be in serious trouble. The prosecutor could charge you with an enhancement for a crime bail crime, adding two years to any sentence you would receive on your new arrest.
  • Bail Revocation: Another consequence is that the court can revoke your bail, bring you into custody and refuse to offer you bail again, or increase your bail.

How PCS Bail Bonds Can Help

If you or someone you love has been arrested for a crime, you should consult with an experienced bail bondsman immediately. It’s also important that you not seek bail without getting insight from a skilled and knowledgeable attorney.

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