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What Happens When You Bail Someone Out of Jail

Having a loved on or close friend get arrested is a difficult situation for everyone involved. They have to deal with possibly being imprisoned, and you have to deal with the fallout of their imprisonment and what that means for your family.

\"bailWhat happens with bail bonds in Euless and other parts of Tarrant County is that the person bailing his or her loved one out of jail is taking on a lot of responsibility. If you are that person, it’s important that you know and understand all of your rights and what you are expected to do by law.

Being an “indemnitor,” as they call it, is a serious matter. We outline some of your responsibilities in this article.

Bail Bond Payment

Your initial responsibility as an indemnitor is to pay the bail bond fee. In the State of Texas, as in most other states, this amount is a percentage of the total bail. So, if bail is set at $10,000, the indemnitor only has to pay a percentage of that amount in order for his or her loved one to be released. Keep in mind that in situations where assets are put up as collateral, those assets can be seized if bail conditions are not met.

\"KnowEnsuring Defendant Attends Court

Another major responsibility that comes with bailing someone out of jail is ensuring that that person attends court dates. Bail is given with the understanding that the defendant will make good on his or her promise to attend all court dates and comply with any conditions of the bail contract. If at any point the defendant does not meet those conditions, or you as an indemnitor see that he or she is not planning to meet those conditions, you can speak to the bail bond agent and remove your bail.

Responsible for Full Amount in Certain Conditions

If, for any reason, the defendant is not complying with the conditions of the bail or if he or she skips his or her bail and can’t be found, the indemnitor can be held responsible for the full amount of the bail. This is something that everyone taking the responsibility of bailing out a loved one needs to carefully consider. You need to be relatively certain that the person you are bailing out will follow the conditions of bail. The consequences can end up impacting you in a very negative manner.

PCS Bail Bonds has been providing bail bonds in Euless and throughout Tarrant County for over two decades. We understand what kind of expectations fall on the shoulders of family members and friends who take on the challenge and responsibility of bailing someone out of jail. Through it all, we have maintained a reputation for delivering a high level of service, and we’ve become a mainstay in Tarrant County. Contact us for more information on how we can guide you or your loved one through the bail bond process.