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What Is a Walk-Through Bail Bond?

\"walkIt can be frustrating and intimidating to discover that there is a warrant out for your arrest, especially if you know that you have violated your probation. An arrest warrant raises the possibility that you could be taken in by the police at almost any time—whether you are pulled over for a traffic violation or if you need to go to a courthouse or police station for an unrelated matter. There are many reasons why a warrant can be issued, therefore it is important that you seek a walk-through bail bond. What is a jail walk-through in Texas? It can prevent the inconvenience and embarrassment of an unexpected arrest, keep your arrest record clean, and relieve your anxiety. Here’s what you need to know about bail bond walk-throughs.

What Is a Jail Walk-Through in Texas?

A jail walk-through is when someone is aware they have a warrant for their arrest and they make arrangements ahead of time for a bond before they can be arrested. Instead of risking an arrest made in front of coworkers, friends or family, the defendant can turn themselves in and bond out before it happens. This process can dramatically shorten the time it takes to complete a bond and can prevent the defendant from waiting in a jail cell.

In a case where you can get a bail bondsman, they would accompany you to the jail to begin the walk-through. The officer will check the system for warrants and once one is found, you remain in custody for a short time, while the officer awaits confirmation.

During the walk-through, the officer will ask you questions about your personal information and record your fingerprints and booking photos. Upon verification of the warrant, the officer will accept your bond and remove the warrant from the system. You will be released and given a copy of your bond that contains the date of your first court meeting. This document must be kept and brought with you when you need to appear in court.

As you go through this process it is recommended that you bring as few of your belongings as possible. All you need is a form of government-issued identification such as a passport, driver’s license, or ID card. If the officer needs to take you downstairs, they will take hold of your belongings while you are being processed. All your possessions will be confiscated including keys, wallets, cellphones, belts, jewelry, piercings, shoelaces, hair accessories, and more. You will receive these items afterwards, except for lighters and unsealed tobacco products, which will be discarded.

What Is the Purpose of Walk-Through Bail Bonds?

If you violate the terms of your probation and need to come before the judge again, posting bail can be challenging. Whether you are granted bail or not depends on the judge and the nature of the violation. In most cases, the terms of probation are strong and you may find them difficult to follow. If you have any additional or mental health issues, following these terms may be nearly impossible. Violating your probation is as simple as taking certain actions or non-actions such as not reporting a change of your address, failing to pay restitution, showing up positive for drugs on a urine test, or getting in contact with someone you were not allowed to communicate with. On the other hand, the violation can be more serious. Whatever way you violate your probation, the judge has the discretion to charge you with a violation and revoke your probation. It is vital that you gather evidence that you have been doing your utmost to comply with your probation terms.

It may not sound like a good idea but if you turn yourself into the police and do a walk-through with a bondsman service, it can be extremely beneficial to you. Taking this action proves to the court that you are cooperative and doing your best to work with them for a resolution. If you do not attend to your warrant, it looks as though you are avoiding it, which reflects poorly on you. Doing this also eliminates the feeling of paranoia and the potential embarrassment of being arrested in front of people you know.

How Do Walk-Through Bonds Work?

In most cases, when a defendant violates their probation, an arrest warrant is sent out for them. If they choose to turn themselves in and want to avoid pretrial incarceration, a walk-through bond is part of the process that can work in their favor. At the time of surrender, this bond can be presented to clear the warrant, allowing the person to have an immediate release and continue their probation as long as the judge agrees.

If you go to a courthouse or police station in person, or if you were stopped by a police officer while there is an arrest warrant out for you, you’ll be arrested and taken in on the spot. That’s why it is important to be proactive if you know you have violated your probation. Contact a bail bondsman to help you avoid being arrested altogether by arranging a walk-through bail.

Why Arrange a Warrant Walk-Through?

As mentioned, it is unlikely that you can resolve a probation violation with an active warrant by going to court, so, you must take care of it before asking for a court date. A warrant is a notice about why you need to appear in court and allows police to arrest you. Even if the case will be dismissed in the end, you could still be arrested and must therefore take care of the warrant.

Arranging a warrant walk-through is a good move to take because it shows that you are cooperative with the court system, which can help your case in the long run. It shows that you were not trying to evade law enforcement. Having a bondsman on the case with you can help you spend as little time in jail as possible.

Do I Need to Hire a Bail Bondsman to Do a Walk-Through in Texas?

In most cases, you will need to contact a bail bondsman to do a warrant walk-through. You also need to fill out paperwork to take care of it. The bondsman can assist you by notifying the court about the warrant, and getting it served to you without arrest. This will help you get a court date and defend the matter or catch up on any outstanding fines. Once the bond is paid to the court by your lawyer or bail bondsman, your warrant will be lifted. After it is lifted, you will be provided with a new court date to answer for the criminal charges against you. Make sure that you hire a bail bondsman and as soon as you know that you have violated your probation terms. Do it at least a week to a few days before your court date, to have the matter handled quickly.

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