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What Is the Difference between Bail and a Bond?

When your loved one gets arrested it can be a difficult situation for everyone involved. You want to be able to help them and get them released as soon as possible. That is why the first step in getting our loved one free is knowing the difference between posting bail and a bail bond.

What Is Bail?

\"bailBail is basically a sum of money that must be posted in order to have a defendant released from jail after being arrested. Typically, posting bail is the responsibility of a family member or close friend. The bail is meant to ensure that the defendant shows up to trial and other court proceedings. If for whatever reason the defendant does not uphold his or her promise to attend trial and misses a date, bail can be revoked and the person who put up the bail can lose the deposit.

The bail amount is dependant on several factors. The most significant factor is the nature of the crime committed, but other considerations—such as criminal history—are also factors. The judge also has some discretion in delivering bail amounts. However, they must operate within certain limits and standards as set out by the State of Texas.

\"BailWhat Is a Bail Bond?

Being released by bond is very similar to being bailed out of jail. However, the difference is distinguishable enough for the two words to not be interchangeable. The difference between bail and bond (referred to as bail bond) is the person putting up the funds. In the circumstances of a bond, the bail amount is put up by a bail bondsman.

The bondsman takes on similar accountability responsibilities as the individual who bails out the defendant. However, when the bondsman agrees to put up the bail amount, it is backed by some collateral from the defendant. This collateral can be a car, house, or other assets. If the defendant doesn’t show up for court while on bond, then they can lose the collateral. There is also still a fee to be paid to the bondsman. In the state of Texas—and most other states as well—that fee is a percentage of the bail amount.

Is Bail Money Refundable?

The answer is no. The fee is for the risk the bondsman takes and the work he or she puts in to provide the defendant with temporary freedom for the duration of the court proceedings. It will not be returned.

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