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What Is the Difference Between Public and Private Bail Bonds?

\"publicAccording to the Constitution of the United States, anyone accused of a crime has the right to apply for a bail bond, except for those charged with heinous criminal acts covered by penalties of capital punishment and life imprisonment. There are two types of bail bonds: public and private. Here’s what you need to know about each of them, and the differences between them.

What Are Public Bail Bonds?

Public bail bonds are also known as personal bonds, PR bonds, or Personal Recognizance bonds. It allows the defendant to be out of jail during the pre-trial hearing without needing to pay the bail amount. It indicates that the court doesn’t believe the defendant is a serious flight risk to need a huge sum of bail and assumes the defendant will attend their hearings without needing to be forced. In some cases, this kind of bond requires the defendant to pay a percentage of the bail amount.

What Are Private Bail Bonds?

Private bail bonds are simpler: the defendant pays the bail, attends the hearings, and once the case is disposed, is release from the bondsman reporting. This type of bond is generally preferred as it is simple and quick. That being said, a private bail bond depends on several factors including the defendant’s flight risk, criminal history, and the gravity of the crime they were accused of.

The Difference Between Public and Private Bail Bonds

When choosing between public vs. private bail bonds, both have their benefits and drawbacks. Public bonds tend to require less or no money to make bail, but once released there is no guarantee a defendant will return for their court date. With private bonds, if the accused fails to appear at their court dates, the bail bondsman is held responsible. The bail bondsman who put up the bond will require the defendant and their cosigner, and they are liable to pay the complete amount, plus a fee. The accused will also need to remain detained until the situation is sorted out, or in some cases, arrange for a new bond. This provides a certain level of security to ensure the defendant doesn’t skip bail.

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