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What Mistakes Do People Make When Getting Arrested?

\"CommonWhen arrested or questioned by the police, most people don’t know what to expect or what to do. They often make mistakes that hurt their case later on, even if they did nothing wrong in the first place. Although it might seem like the right idea to do any of the following upon arrest, PCS Bail Bonds wants you to be prepared to avoid these common mistakes. Keep on reading to learn about the common mistakes people make upon arrest, how you can avoid them, and where you can find a reliable agent to help you with 24-hour bail bonds near you.

Common Mistakes Committed When Getting Arrested

Resisting Arrest

If a police officer is about to arrest you let them. Resisting arrest, even if you know you are completely innocent, can be seen as a crime and an escalate the situation to violence. If you move slowly, deliberately, and never resist, you will be better off.

Saying Too Much

Saying essentially anything to a police officer while under arrest is not recommended. Upon your arrest the police consider you to be a suspect and have taken you into custody based on information they consider to be reliable. You should answer questions or provide any identifying information about who you are, but nothing more. As soon as you are arrested you should ask to speak with lawyer. A professional lawyer will be able to give you advice on what to say and what not to say.

Admitting Guilt to Other Parties

Be very careful in who you admit guilt to. From the moment you’ve been arrested, assume that anything you say is heard and recorded. Even if you think it is safe to speak to friends or family over the phone, or individuals in your jail cell, whatever you say can harm your case. Also, never post anything on social media during this time. Disable your accounts until your case is over. Prosecutors are known to search for your accounts and any posts you’ve made that they could use against you.

Agreeing to Cooperate

If you have been involved in any illegal behaviors, the police may offer you the chance to cooperate. Do not agree to help without consulting with a lawyer. Experienced lawyers will protect your rights and give you sound advice about the possible outcomes of your potential cooperation.

Taking Legal Advice from Unqualified Individuals

Although it may be in your interest to save money, it is not recommended to turn to police, family, friends, or others who are not professionals in criminal defense. It is always best to consult a legal professional who is highly practiced in representing defense clients with criminal charges.

Hiring a Lawyer to Post Your Bail

Can an attorney bail a client out of jail? In most states, it’s illegal for a lawyer to act as your bail bondsman, but this is not the case in Texas. Although it is technically legal in Texas, it poses a potential conflict of interest. The main reason for this is because if your lawyer is also posting bail for you, they have a financial stake in your court appearance. If the defendant does not show up to court, the bond is lost. Because of this, your attorney might use the information they receive as your attorney to serve their purposes as bail bond agents. It is always a good idea to work with both a lawyer and a third-party bail bondsman if you’ve been arrested.

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