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What You Need to Know about Bail Bond Financing


When someone has been arrested, they must go to jail and remain there until their trial date. However, most defendants have the right to post bail. Bail bonds in Texas allow them to spend their pretrial time at home, living their normal life, until their court hearing. As long as the defendant abides by the conditions of their bail bond and pays their bail amount, the arrangement will be successful. But not everyone is able to afford the upfront bail amount, so here’s what you need to know about bail bond financing and how a bail bondsman can help you.

Financing Methods and Bail Bond Financing

If you are considering posting bail, there are several ways that you can pay. If you have the money upfront, you can pay the entire bail amount in cash or issue a certified cheque at the courthouse or county jail.

Since most people cannot afford to pay the bail amount upfront, they can seek a personal loan from a bank or a loan from a friend or relative. When the case is over, you will receive your full refund except for a few office expenses. With this money back, you can pay the loan off with very few little fees. However, if you have bad credit, you will not be able to seek a loan.

The most common way to pay for bail is by seeking the services of a bail bondsman. Usually, you only have to pay a fraction of the full bail amount; the actual bail amount depends on the bonds company. If you choose to post collateral instead of money, you will receive your assets back once the case is over and all the finances have been settled. However, if the defendant fails to appear at their court date, there are two main consequences:

  • The defendant will be considered a fugitive and will have a bench warrant for their arrest;
  • If the bond was paid to the courts, you will not receive a cent back and it will be forfeited to the county or city. In the case that you hired a bondsman, you will need to pay them 100% of the bond fee so they can pay the court.

Payment and Financing Options and Plans

Pledged Stocks and Bonds

You can pledge stocks and bonds to get the bail money or use a trust account. In some cases, the bondsman can qualify the funds to allow the defendant to be released on bond even before the funds are available.

Promissory Note

A promissory note can be accepted to pay the small fee to the bondsman. To get repaid, the funds my come in monthly installments or on another basis.

Government Pay Services (GPS)

A fast way to get money to pay for bail is using government pay services. This is a quick solution—simply go online, fill out and submit the form, and pay using your credit card.

American Express Concierge Services

For those with an American Express card, you can call and get your funds transferred.

Payday Loans

This is another helpful option. Your loan is customized so you can find the best option for your situation.

Whole Life Insurance Policies

This option is also accepted for paying your bail bond fee. You can pledge against trust accounts.

Car Title Loans

A car title loan can help you gain access to funds of up to $50,000. You keep your car, but your information is processed and the best lender is found to meet the bail amount. The loans begin at $2,600.

Bail Bonds Payment Plans

When it comes to paying your bail with the service of a bondsman, there are a few ways to go about it. Here’s what you need to know about bail bond payment plans:

  • Down Payment: You pay the small fee to your bondsman. If you cannot afford the fee, you can negotiate with your bondsman to pay a smaller down payment, and use a payment plan for the rest. You may also be able to use collateral to make up the value.
  • Installment Payments: This benefit allows you to get a bail bond in installments when you cannot pay the full amount upfront. The more you pay in the down payment, the better the chances you can get a payment plan.
  • Interest Rates: Like most payment plans, bail bond plans can also carry interest rates. These rates are determined by the agent. If you pay your monthly amounts on time, your interest rate will remain stable. Missed payments can increase the rate.
  • Co-Signers for Payment Plans: If for whatever reason you are unable to get bail on your own, you can contact a co-signer to help. As long as they have a good credit score and are eligible, they can sign for you.

How PCS Bail Bonds Can Help

PCS Bail Bonds can help you if you need to post bail or need advice about your situation. We provide 24-hour bail bonds for all kinds of charges including theft, drug possession, embezzlement, assault, and more. Our experienced agents can help you obtain a bond in a fraction of the time it takes other agencies.

We have professional memberships in several renowned associations including the Professional Bondsmen of Texas, Tarrant County Bar Association, and Professional Bondsmen of Tarrant County. We serve clients in Fort Worth, Texas, and other municipalities in Tarrant County. We process our clients’ requests quickly and efficiently. Our bond agents are always on call and we can be down to the jail in under 30 minutes.

Contact us now by phone at 817-335-1655, at our e-mail, visit in-person, or fill out our bail bond request form. You’ll be confident that you’re working with experts who are dedicated to helping you.

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