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What You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Out on Bail

Being arrested is difficult enough. You’ve put yourself in a position where the law had to intercede. Whether your actions were out of character or not, you are now forced to deal with the legal system and all its procedures.

\"TakeIf you are fortunate, and if the law allows, you will be given an opportunity for bail. Bail means you have the privilege of spending your time outside of jail while still dealing with matters relating to your trial. When given this opportunity, there are certain protocols you must follow if you hope to maintain your bail status. Understand that at any time if your behavior is not in line with what is expected, bail can be revoked and you will be awaiting your trial in jail. Here are some things to consider when seeking a bail bond in Bedford.

Take Responsibility

It’s important to understand what circumstances allowed you to be out on bail in the first place: Someone has taken the risk of either putting up a sum of money or putting up assets (or both) in order to get you out of jail. This is a huge risk for whoever that kind person is. You need to know that you are now responsible for what happens to their resources.

Should anything go wrong during your time out on bail, the person who essentially vouched for you with their wallets and/or assets can lose it all. These terms will be set out in the contract they sign with the bail bond agent, which means your friend or loved one is aware of the risk they are taking. But that risk means they believe in you, so you need to show accountability for that type of faith.


\"WhatKnow How to Act

There are a number of things you must and mustn’t do when you’re out on bail. Some may seem like common sense, but engaging or not engaging in certain activities may jeopardize your bail.

Show Up

If there is one thing you absolutely must do when out on bail, it’s show up for all of your court dates. Nothing will have your bail revoked faster than skipping out on a court appearance. Forgetting is not an option, neither is being tired—excuses will not work. The fact is you must show up unless pardoned by the judge or prosecution or if something life threatening or exceptionally serious comes up.

You may have to show up at court several times throughout the duration of your bail. Until a sentence is set or you are told you are cleared of your charges, you must show up to court.

Notify Your Bail Bondsman

If any information changes while you are out on bail, you need to contact your bail bond agent. This includes any changes to your address or contact information. And if you do end up missing your court date for any reason, contact your bail bond agent right away.

Avoid Making Bad Decisions

Some other actions to stay away from go without saying, but we’ll mention them anyway. Refrain from taking drugs. Other than the fact that drugs are illegal, they actually impair your decision-making. Similarly, consuming too much alcohol can also impair your judgment.

While you’re on bail, you can not afford to make any bad decisions. Bad decisions can also include choosing to partake in further criminal activity. You should know that getting caught in any kind of illegal behavior will get your bail revoked and land you back in jail—likely without the option of another bail.

Consider Your Future

You need to be upfront with yourself. If you truly want to do what’s best for yourself, your future, and for the person who had enough faith in you to bail you out of jail, then you need to stay out of trouble and follow whatever conditions are set out in the bail agreement. No one can ever predict how a trial is going to end, but you can control how you conduct yourself leading up to it. Many people conduct themselves improperly and end up getting into deeper trouble. Avoid all of that and be on your best behavior.

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