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Why Does the Crime Rate Increase During the Holidays?

\"WhyWhen most people think about the holidays, they imagine quality time spent with family, Christmas work parties, visiting old friends, good food, and lots of retail discounts. Unfortunately, very few people think about holiday crime rates. Although it’s the season of giving and goodness, holiday crime statistics show that retail theft and other crimes spike by 30% this time of year. You may be busy looking out for bargains, but here are some other important things to consider about crime during the holidays.

Crimes Committed During the Christmas Holidays

You probably already know that Black Friday, Boxing Day, and seasonal sales are the busiest shopping times of the year. Despite the reduced prices and great deals, some people are tempted to steal from stores and from customers, rising the crime rate around Christmas day. Criminals are window shoppers and look for large shopping bags full of valuable items that can be grabbed easily. But stores in the mall aren’t the only place thieves will look. Your living room window or vehicle can also look like a good place to break into if you have enticing valuables.

Physical theft is a major problem during the holidays, but people can still be attacked online. Cyber fraud and theft also rise during the holidays as more people use online payments to buy gifts. There are several frauds that ask people to click links or give personal banking information to unsolicited emails. Cyber criminals will take hold of your information and make unauthorized purchases for themselves, on your behalf.

Another crime that increases during the holidays is domestic violence. Increased stress, financial troubles, and the increase in alcohol consumption and drug abuse are the primary contributors to this spike. This is especially the case for violent alcoholics and drug addicts who, against better judgement, insist on attending festivities.

New Year’s Eve Crimes

New Year celebrations usually see an increase in crimes such as driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI). Many people celebrate the entrance of a new year by drinking with friends and family. Too many drinks and staying up late at night without plans to get a safe ride home or spend the night leads some people to resort to driving home drunk. Other crimes committed this time of year include violence, disorderly conduct, lewd behavior, and disturbing the peace. Since alcohol lowers inhibitions, some people are more susceptible to doing things they shouldn’t do.

Some people may think they have control over their actions or over the vehicle when they drive home drunk, but law enforcement is aware of this. That’s why many officers patrol the streets, or drive around to catch and detain drunk drivers. Keeping the streets safe is one of their primary duties over the holidays, so the chances of getting caught are even higher than one might think.

Reasons Crime Increases During the Holidays

There are several reasons why Christmas crime statistics are higher than any other time of year.

  • Increased consumption of alcohol: Many events surrounding the holidays involve food and drink, and some people take the risk of driving home drunk.
  • Heightened emotions: Some people have a difficult time during the holidays. They may have been cast away by family members or living in a home where domestic violence is present. Self-inflicted wounds, addiction, and violence towards others are more common in people who are unstable emotionally. Strong emotions can cause people to make impulse decisions they may later regret.
  • Increased theft: The business and distractions of hectic stores, and the pressure to give gifts during the holidays can lead some people to resort to theft.

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Taking something that isn’t yours without paying for it is a deliberate action that can get you into a lot of trouble. Overconsumption of alcohol can lead you to doing something that harms yourself and those around you, such as domestic violence, DWI, sexual assault, or murder. It is always best to avoid substances and environments that are risky when you are in a stressful or frustrated emotional state, but sometimes the temptation is too strong.

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